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Monday, February 27, 2017



Comrades in Arms:

For the best effect, please be sure to watch, in "FULL SCREEN" mode, this official video recording of illegal alien vehicles driving across our Border by going through the fence in Douglas, Arizona.


I applaud our United States Customs and Border ProtectionFOX NEWS, and the DRUDGE REPORT, for making this official video recording publicly accessible to the American people.

Those vehicles in DouglasArizona could be ANYBODY bringing ANYTHING into our Country!

In my opinion, our United States Army should be stationed on our Border(s), equipped with live ammunition and explosive ordnance, and issued orders to shoot to kill, plus authority to invade foreign soil if engaged in a hot pursuit of suspects.

ANY and ALL illegal aliens currently in our United States of America must be immediately arrested, prosecuted, and deported - - - or subjected to summary execution!

Those who aid and abet the criminal conspiracy of illegal immigration must also be arrested, severely prosecuted, and publicly shamed.

I'll also be posting this message on my FACEBOOK and GOOGLE PLUS social networking pages.

If you desire to share this e-mail message with others, please protect the privacy of each individual by selecting the "BCC" option when addressing the e-mail.

Thank you.

At Your Service,

John Robert MallerneeEsquire, KB3KWS
Disabled War Veteran, United States Army
Ashley Valley Shadows
VernalUtah  84078


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