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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Words and Music by:
Jensen, Utah
Thursday 28 February 2002

VERSE # 1:
I hear the haunting song of lonely coyotes.
I see an eagle circling in the sky.
There's a dust cloud moving on a distant mesa,
For the spirits of the Old Ones never die.

Kachina spirits, ride the laughing wind!
Please lead me to eternal teachings true.
As I ever wander through this Indian nation,
I'm relying for my guidance upon you.
I'm relying for my guidance upon you.

VERSE # 2:
In the rugged hills of western Colorado,
Where Utah and Wyoming touch the sky,
The Old Ones left, but we can read their story
In ancient petroglyphs for modern eye.

VERSE # 3:
The Son of God once dwelt among these people.
He taught them truth, but they soon fell away.
Yet, the spirits of the Old Ones are still with us
And Kachina laughter echoes every way.

Kachina, I have felt your presence.
Kachina, I heard your spirit voice!
Kachina, we'll ride the breeze together.
Kachina, I know why you rejoice!

VERSE # 4:
In the distant cowboy's high and lonesome country,
Where the Western sun shines on a rancher's land,
Eternal ways of truth are shown among us,
Brought forward by a laughing spirit band.

Kachina! Kachina!
Ride the laughing wind!

Inspired by the novel, RIDE THE LAUGHING WIND,
by Blaine and Brenton Yorgason, and suggested by
Stan Wheeler.

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