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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For the best effect, please be sure and watch my homemade amateur video recording in "FULL SCREEN" mode.


Words and Music by:

VERSE # 1:
There's a girl in Texas
That I once had met.
She ain't got no equal,
I'd be bound to bet.
She's too good to have a thing
To do with my kind.
Trouble is, she's the one
Who's always on my mind. 

Sweet memory.
Sweet memory.

VERSE # 2:
Her face is fair and precious,
And her eyes are dark.
Though they're kind of solemn,
Still, they don't hide her spark.
And, if I could, I'd take her out
And leave her in a daze.
While the moon would paint her skin
With its silver glaze. 

VERSE # 3:
I guess we'd never marry.
I couldn't win her love.
I'm too wild and restless.
Our stars can't cross above.
For, that's my fate to sing of love
And never taste the same.
If I love, it's from afar,
'Cause roving is my game.


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