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Sunday, May 06, 2012

EVEN MORE CONFUSION - - - ? ! ! ? ! ! ?

While perusing the BAD EAGLE web site, hosted by Professor David Yeagley, of the Comanche Nation, I learned a couple of things that are particularly interesting.

In reference to the criminal fraud perpetrated by Elizabeth Herring Warren, for which she has not yet been arrested or prosecuted (and why not?), one of the commenters, Johnny Mac, has coined the appellation of, "Fauxcahontas".

Elizabeth Herring Warren
i.e., "Fauxcahontas"
I really like that.

I think that's pretty neat.

The other thing that I stumbled across at the BAD EAGLE web site were references to journalistic research which cause me to further question WHO is Bari M. Shabaz, Barry Soetoro, and/or Barack Hussein Obama II?

Please click on the automatic Internet links to see what I saw, and consider the evidence for yourself, for it's too extensive for me to merely copy it and repost it on this, my own, web site.

Until now, I had never seen evidence of the existence of Bari M. Shabaz, nor had I ever noticed the obvious scars on the head of Barack Hussein Obama II (or whoever he is).

But, look at these photographs:

This much, I can tell you - - - ,

As a baby, I was adopted, and as is typical for any kid who is adopted, my name was changed, and my birth certificate was altered to indicate my new identity, and the identity of my new parents.

The original birth certificate was sealed, and it remains sealed to this very day, which is the normal legal procedure for any and all adoptions.

So, since Barry Soetoro was also legally adopted when he was a kid, then just like me, his birth certificate, IF it was genuine, should NOT identify him as "Barack Hussein Obama II".

So, what's going on?

If a criminal fraud is being perpetrated, then why is it being allowed?

Where are the people whose job it is to stop this?


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