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Saturday, August 20, 2005



By: John Robert Mallernee, Bard of Clan Henderson

There's a land I've never seen
Where glens and braes are green.
Auld Alba was the land
And Mac Eanruig is my clan.
From Glencoe to Fordell,
Our clansmen flourished well.
Ancestors lived and bred,
And liberty's price was red.
There was music in the air
Of this bonny land so fair.
Surely, God's own Hand
Poured blessings on this land.
Warriors, bold and strong,
Wrought justice on the wrong.
So, dance the Hieland fling,
As Robert Burns, we sing.
Of Viking, Celt, and Gael,
Our sagas, we can tell.
We love the pipes that play,
As our tartan, we display.
As I wander to and fro,
To Scotland, I must go,
Where glens and braes are green,
In the land I've never seen.


NOTE: The title of this poem, "AULD ALBA", combines both of Scotland's languages.

The word, "auld" means "old" in Scottish Lallans, the official language of the Scottish Court, which is spoken by the majority of the Scottish population, and it's the language used by Scotland's revered Robert Burns.

The word, "Alba", which is pronounced as "owl-ah-pah", is the Gaelic, or Highlander name for "Scotland".


Baird Iain Mac Uilleam a Clann Mac Eanruig
(i.e., "The poet, John, son of William, of the children of the son of Henry")

Nifty, huh?

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