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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Deja Vu All Over Again

***** WARNING!!! *****

This dangerously illegal and immoral subversive underground resistance message is being surreptitiously monitored by the Beaming Internet Government Broadband Radio Oscillation Telecommunications Hearing Electronic Reconnaissance (i.e., B.I.G. B.R.O.T.H.E.R.) as part of a coordinated official clandestine domestic surveillance investigation, in cooperation with the National Administration of Zealous Interrogation (i.e., N.A.Z.I.) and the Commission On Message Monitoring Investigative Electronics (i.e., C.O.M.M.I.E.).

Serious felony criminal charges are pending, with extreme penalties yet to be determined!


Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

During the course of doing something today (which I can't remember), I was somehow reminded of the old song, "BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?".

Do you remember that song?

It was written in Nineteen Thirty-One, during the Great Depression, and recorded by Bing Crosby.

I think, from what I'm seeing in the breaking news stories every day, that those lyrics might become popular once again, or at least, certainly applicable to the coming circumstances of our own present day and age.

So, I copied the lyrics, and now, I'm practicing singing the song.

Here are the lyrics to the song:



Lyrics by:
Yip Harburg
Music by: Jay Gorney

Once, they told me
I was building a dream
And so, I followed the mob.
There was earth to plow
And guns to bear.
I was there on the job.

Once, they told me
I was building a dream
With peace and glory ahead.
Oh, why should I
Be standing in line,
Hoping for a piece of bread?

Once, I built a railroad,
Made it run,
Made it race against time.
Once, I built a railroad.
Now, it's done.
Brother, can you spare a dime?

Once, I built a tower
To the sun;
Brick, and rivet, and lime.
Once, I built a tower.
Now it's done.
Brother, can you spare a dime?

Once, in khaki suits;
Gee, we looked swell,
Full of Yankee Doodle dum.
Half a million boots
Went slogging through Hell.
I was the kid with the drum!

Don't you remember,
You called me "Al".
I was "Al" all the time.
Why can't you remember
I was your pal?
Brother, can you spare a dime?


I highlighted, copied, and pasted these lyrics into a MicroSoft WordPad document, using Rich Text Format, and then edited the lyrics to my liking (according to how I plan to sing it).

So, since the song is being switched from web site to WordPad to YAHOO! e-mail, all of which use different formats, I wonder what the final product will look like?

Maybe it'll be so unrecognizably messed up, I'll just delete the whole thing and forget all about it.

In the past, when publicizing similar documents, I haven't had good experiences with proper spacing between fonts or phrases, so it seldom turned out the way I wanted it to appear.

I was just planning to post this on my personal blog, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", and nowhere else, but because of sheer curiosity, I'll also post it at my various discussion group web sites, just to see what the finished product looks like.

Of course, I do have one question about the song lyrics:

What good is a "dime" now?

In Nineteen Thirty-One, it might have bought something to eat, but today, you can't even buy chewing gum for ten cents.

In fact, I don't know of ANYTHING that can be purchased for just ten cents, do you?

So, can you loan me ten bucks?

Hey, do you remember the "POPEYE" cartoon series?

Do you remember the oft repeated words of "Wimpy", one of the characters in the "POPEYE" cartoon series, i.e. "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."?

Yep, Popeye, the sailor man ate spinach (which kept him "strong to the finish" - - - toot! toot!) and Wimpy ate hamburgers, whole STACKS of hamburgers!

In the meantime, I'll go to the mess hall here in the Old Soldiers' Home and enjoy lots and lots of FREE vanilla ice cream and Coca Cola!

Still, I see the proverbial "writing on the wall", don't you?

It would be wise to start stockpiling each month a case or two of rations, and a case or two of bottled drinking water, along with gradual purchases to enhance our individual medical kits and camping supplies.

And, yes, even if it's illegal, common sense dictates we'd better find some way to secretly arm ourselves.

I really do expect this historic Old Soldiers' Home will eventually turn into a modern day version of the "Alamo".

Thanks to the Viet Nam War, a lot of us old soldiers are trained and experienced in unconventional warfare, small unit tactics, S.E.R.E. (i.e., "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape") , and improvising weapons, munitions, explosives, and booby traps from ordinary materials we already have on hand.

We certainly can't rely on our government.

When the economy collapses, the federal government will be unable to function, as our military manpower is already globally overextended.

We can't trust the local authorities - - - how do you know which of the police are actually honest, and which ones wear tarnished badges?

We residents at the Old Soldiers' Home are on our own - - - and I mean, REALLY on our own!

There'll be no resupply, there'll be no reinforcements, and no evacuation.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan."

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