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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Here are a few photographs I took at our Clan Henderson ceilidh.

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Saturday 05 December 2009 was the annual Scottish Christmas Walk in Alexandria, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I'm especially grateful to Commissioner Leon Hicks for supplying these photographs of Clan Henderson marching in the 2009 Scottish Christmas Walk in Alexandria, Virginia.

It was wet and cold, and as the parade began, the rain turned to snow.

Despite the inclement weather, we had a nice crowd of enthusiastic spectators all along the parade route.

After we finished marching, I headed straight for my pickup truck parked down by the river, for even though I wore a poncho, I was still wet, and even though I wore gloves, my hands were freezing cold.

I drove back to the Soldiers' Home to relax for a bit, and changed into appropriate evening attire, i.e., miniature medals, vest, and white turtleneck shirt.

Then, I drove back to Alexandria to Saint Mark's Episcopal Church to attend our clan's ceilidh.

By this time, I was in a lot of pain, but still managed to help set things up.

We had a great time, as old acquaintances greeted one another and enjoyed good food and good fellowship.

President Maddox received a special award, as did our clan secretary, Greg Schwartz.

Commissioner Leon Hicks conducted a silent auction to raise money so troops in Afghanistan and Iraq could buy Christmas gifts for their families.

The star of our evening's entertainment was Colin Grant-Adams, a native Scot now living in Glasgow, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Afterwards, I sang three of my songs, "NOLLAIG CHRIDHEIL", "DUDE'S LAMENT", and "TED E. BAIR".

Thank you.


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