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Tuesday, December 29, 2009



From the WALT DISNEY Movie,

VERSE # 01:
Have you ever seen the seagulls
A flying o'er the heather,
Or the crimson sails
On Galway Bay,
The fishermen unfurl?
All the Earth is filled with beauty,
And it's gathered all together
In the form and face and dainty grace
Of a pretty Irish girl.

She is my dear, my darling one,
Her eyes so sparkling,
Full of fun!
No other, no other
Can match the likes of her.
She is my dear, my darling one,
My smiling and beguiling one.
I love the ground she walks upon,
My pretty Irish girl!

VERSE # 02:
Have you ever seen the morning
In Kerry or Killarney
When the dew is on the hayrick,
And every drop a pearl;
When the geese are talking Blarney,
And the thrush is singing Gaelic,
And standing in the doorway
Is a pretty Irish girl?

VERSE # 03:
When I'm parted from my Darling,
My sighs would sail a schooner,
And when I cannot reach her, sure,
My tears would turn a mill.
Since she cannot be unkind to
Any other living creature,
I think that she will marry me,
My pretty Irish girl!


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