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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Words and Music by:
Wednesday 29 September 2004

VERSE # 1:
The flowers of the forest
Are bonny in the sunlight,
Painting bright colors
On lea, braes, and glen.
Surrounded by heather,
The burn lightly babbles.
All birdies and creatures
Hae something they ken.

A son of Scotland is gone,
And kinsmen will greet, keen, and moan.
Each heart is a flame
To honor the name,
For the clan lives forever and on.
Our clan lives forever and on.

VERSE # 2:
Our clan will awaken
At the skirl of the war pipes;
Ancient tradition
Observed e'en today.
In this solemn moment
Of flowers of the forest,
Each heart in the clan
Will respectfully pray.

VERSE # 3:
From hielands, and low lands,
And all the misty islands,
The blood of our warriors
And chieftains would roam.
As the dew and wee birdies
Announce each Scottish morning,
It's written each man
And his life hae their gloam.

VERSE # 4:
Our clan is united
By centuries of legend.
The virtue of heroes
Is told in our lore.
Our badge and our tartan
Which we are proudly wearing
Inspire us to follow
Our forebears of yore.

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