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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Words and Music by:

VERSE # 1:
Lonely nights, lonely days,
It's a world of lonely ways
For a soldier of the Crown
Far from home.
There are chances to take
And there's rules you must break
In some land
Far beyond the ocean's foam.
It's the life that you lead
And the therapy you need
For the heartache that never goes away.
Though you hide the awful fears,
There are still the unseen tears
For romantic moments of a bygone day.

VERSE # 2:
When bagpipes start to play,
There's a royal debt to pay,
Faithful soldiers of the Crown
Will heed the call.
In a world that's on fire,
Every man must earn his hire,
And sometimes, you must stand
Or you will fall.
From Sandhurst to Hong Kong,
Scottish Highlanders stand strong,
Dirty deeds to be done
To make things right.
Ever since you were a lad,
It's a dream that you have had,
To really live like
A Medieval knight.

VERSE # 3:
So, with fire and its smoke,
You will always go for broke,
For a soldier of the Crown
Must do his part.
There is no turning back
And there isn't any slack,
For a loyal Highlander has
Lots of heart.
Through the bomb's awful blast,
Soldiers still must stand fast.
Valiant faith helps keep him
From falling down.
Today's trial, too, shall pass
And tomorrow's Scottish lass
Will bring love to
A soldier of the Crown.

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