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Friday, January 15, 2010


This video was posted on the YOU TUBE web site on Thursday 14 January 2010 by "FASTRAINS 56".

The video was recorded on Wednesday 13 January 2010 in Galesburg, Illinois.

I've ridden on that AMTRAK "California Zephyr" numerous times going back and forth between Chicago, Illinois and Salt Lake City, Utah, and it is one of my most pleasant experiences, partcularly when I can afford to pay the extra expense and ride "First Class", with the comfortable privacy of my own sleeping compartment, and with the convenience of all my meals included in the cost.

I highly recommend riding that train!

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train is a "Z" train, indicated by the presence of United Parcel Service (or Federal Express) truck trailors, which means it is a special express and its cargo has the highest priority on the rails.

In my opinion, this is an excellent video, with crisp, clear photographic imaging, and I gave it a "FIVE STAR" rating (the highest rating possible) at the YOU TUBE web site.

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