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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Words and Music by:

Portland, Oregon is my kind of town.
I'm a man who knows.
I guess I've been around.

VERSE # 1:
In 'Sixty-Seven, I was drafted to war.
We didn't even know what we were fighting for.
After I traveled far over the sea,
My own true love wrote "Dear John" to me.

VERSE # 2:
Since that time, I haven't been back home.
I stayed in the Army and continued to roam.
But, time heals heartaches, and now mine's gone.
I'm heading back to Portland, Oregon.

VERSE # 3:
There's more pretty fish than just one in the sea.
There's got to be a girl who's meant for me.
In the Northwestern country where I belong,
I'll play my guitar and sing this song.

VERSE # 4:
In Willamette Valley, there's a happy sound.
The music of the people's calling me to town.
In the misty distance, you can see Mount Hood.
There's something about it makes me feel so good.

VERSE # 5:
The kids in the streets and the old folks, too
Make me think that my wandering's through.
There's life in this city and love's all around.
The City of Roses is my hometown.

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