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Saturday, January 16, 2010


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The Nimitz-class United States Navy aircraft carrier, "USS CARL VINSON" (CVN 70), arrived off the coast of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, today to begin humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

"Our initial focus is to concentrate on saving lives while providing first-responder support to the people of Haiti", said Rear Admiral Ted N. Branch, commander of the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group and of the sea based portion of the United States Navy humanitarian support mission in the earthquake stricken nation.

"Our assistance here reflects our nation’s compassion and commitment to those impacted by this tragedy."

The aircraft carrier arrived with a robust airlift capability, picking up extra helicopters while in transit that will prove essential during the mission.

"When tasked to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Haiti, we immediately headed to Mayport, Florida, at more than thirty knots and loaded nineteen helicopters, personnel, and support equipment from five different East Coast Navy squadrons in less than eight hours", said commanding officer, Captain Bruce H. Lindsey.

"There is no other platform that can do all of that so quickly."


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