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Sunday, February 21, 2010




VERSE # 01:
In old Saint Louis,
Over in Missouri,
Where the mighty
Mississippi River flows,
A son was born to
Mary Russell,
And it starts the legend
Every cowboy knows.
Young Kid Russell
Was born to wander.
Ever Westward,
He was bound to roam.
Just a kid of sixteen
In Eighteen Eighty,
Out in wild Montana,
He found his home.

God made Montana
For the wild men,
For the pagan
Sioux and Crow.
But, He saved His greatest
Gift for Charlie.
"Son, put it all down
Before she goes.
Gotta get it all down,
'Cause she's bound to go."

VERSE # 02:
God hung the stars
Over Judith Basin.
God put the magic
In young Charlie's hand.
And all was seen and
All remembered,
Every shining mountain,
Every longhorn brand.
He could paint the lightning
On horsehide shining,
Great passing herds
Of the buffalo,
Or a cow camp cold
On a rainy morning,
Or the twisted wrist
Of a Houlihan throw.

VERSE # 03:
When the Lord called Charlie
To his home up yonder,
He said, "Kid Russell,
Got a job for you.
You're in charge of sunsets
Out in old Montana,
'Cause I cain't paint them
Quite as good as you do!
Montana history
And cowboy legend
Will live forever
Because of you,
And when you're finished,
We'll go have a few.
But, Nancy Russell
Will make sure it's just two!"

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