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Sunday, February 07, 2010


This video was posted on the YOU TUBE web site on Sunday 07 February 2010 by "FASTRAINS 56", who recorded it on Friday 05 February 2010 in Galesburg, Illinois.

I awarded it "FIVE STARS", the highest possible viewer rating at the YOU TUBE web site.

The passenger train is the AMTRAK "California Zephyr", which I've ridden on several occasions, and which I highly recommend!

It's especially nice if you can afford the extra money to reserve a First Class sleeper compartment, which has the added bonus of also including all of your meals.

The freight train, pulled by Burlington Northern Sante Fe locomotives, is a "Z" train, which is the highest express category.


A - Amtrak Trains Operating on BNSF Track

B - Bare Table Flat Intermodal Trains

C - Loaded Unit Coal Trains

D - Light Locomotive/Engine Moves

E - Empty Unit Coal Trains

F - Foreign Train Operating on BNSF Track

G - Loaded Unit Grain Trains

H - Hi-Priority Merchandise Trains

I - Deadhead Crew Moves

J - High/Wide Dimensional Specials

K - Helper Service

L - Local Trains (Regularly Scheduled)

M - Regular Merchandise Trains

N - Hours-of-Service Relief Crew

O - Officers Special Trains

P - Premium Service Intermodal Trains

Q - Guaranteed Service Intermodal Trains

R - Road Switcher Trains (Regularly Scheduled)

S - Container Stack Intermodal Trains

T - Transfer Service (Interchange Delivery/Receipt)

U - Unit Trains other than Coal or Grain

V - Vehicle Unit Trains (Autos and Auto Parts)

W - Work/Maintenance Trains

X - Empty Unit Grain Trains

Y - Yard Jobs (Regularly Scheduled)

Z - Priority UPS - LTL Intermodal Trains

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