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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For the best effect, please be sure and enjoy watching, in "FULL SCREEN" mode, my homemade amateur video recording of ME (!) as I perform one of my favorite songs from the Second World War, "YOU BELONG TO ME".

Can you tell from the way my voice sounds that I'd just woke up and crawled out of my sack?

If you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

(I don't know who the composer is.)


VERSE # 1:
See the pyramids
Along the Nile.
Watch the sun rise
On a tropic isle.
Just remember, Darling,
All the while,
You belong to me.

VERSE # 2:
See the market place
In old Algiers.
Send me photographs
And souvenirs.
Just remember,
When a dream appears,
You belong to me.

I'll be so alone
Without you.
Maybe you'll be
Lonesome, too,
And blue.

VERSE # 3:
Fly the ocean
In a silver plane.
See the jungle
When it's wet with rain.
Just remember 'til
You're home again,
You belong to me.


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