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Friday, April 30, 2010


Words and Music by:
Sunday 20 April 1997

VERSE # 1:
From the peaks of snowy mountains
To the sun-baked desert floor
A spirit wind is whistling
An ancient tune once more.
So, step down from your pony,
And settle down a while.
We'll swap some lies
And sing a song
And everyone will smile.
A railroad locomotive
And some coyotes harmonize
Our heroes and our history
Beneath our Western skies.
The campfire's warmly blazing
And the stars above us glow.
It's time once more to gather
Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

VERSE # 2:
There's two sisters from Wyoming
And a rancher from Rigby.
Some youngsters playing fiddles
Will set our troubles free.
There's the Mountain Man from Kooskia
And some Utah cattle men,
An old sheep herder tells some jokes
That makes the cowboys grin.
They gather at the "Roxy"
Every year in early spring
To tell the stories of the West
And some will play and sing,
There's lots of local talent
When it's time to do a show,
We're only just beginning:
Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

VERSE # 3:
From Montana and Wyoming,
Old Utah and Oregon:
The legends of the cowboys
Will still live on and on.
Oh, yes, the Indian nations
Are part of our Old West!
There's triumph and there's tragedy
In every human test.
I'm so glad that I am living
In a place so wild and free
Where folks are independent
And they are what they will be.
I think I hear some yodelling,
So, it's time for us to go.
Our show is just beginning:
Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

The Audience is cheering!
We can feel their happy glow!
Our show is just beginning:
Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

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