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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


(Actually, this joke is SO new, I'm still polishing it up and refining it, so please forgive me if it makes you groan or vomit! - - - Also, although I've never heard it, it is possible that somebody else already thought this same joke up a long time ago.)


MOE:  Did you hear the latest news about the guys who live in Tull?
JOE:  No, where is the town of Tull located?
MOE: You mean you never heard of the community of Tull, in the state of Washington?
JOE:  No.
MOE:  Well, if you want to know anything about what those guys are doing, then you must go to see at Tull, Washington!


I've heard that if'n you wants to jine up with the United States Navy, the recruiters might even arrange it so you can go to sea at Tull, Washington!


And here it is, Folks, the theme song, with lyrics, from the old television series, "HERE COME THE BRIDES", starring David Soul, which was apparently based on the Broadway musical and subsequent Hollywood motion picture production, "SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS".


Composed by:

The bluest skies
You've ever seen
Are in Seattle
And the hills
Are the greenest green
In Seattle.
Like a beautiful child,
Growing up, free and wild.
Full of hopes, full of fears,
Full of laughter, full of tears
Full of dreams to last the years
In Seattle, in Seattle!

VERSE # 1:
When it's time
To leave your home
And your kinfolk,
It's the boldest thing
A lad can do.
Your folks pray
That you will find
Someone warm
And sweet and kind.
But you're not sure
What's waiting there for you!

VERSE # 2:
When you find
Your own true love,
You will know it
By her touch,
By the smile in her eye.
Smell of pine trees in the air,
Never knew life
Could be so fair.
It makes a man so proud
That he can try!

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