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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The satanically inspired Marxist tactic of "political correctness" perverts all of our language, even the words we traditionally use to insult each other.

For instance, have you noticed how the word, "thug", is currently being (mis)used?

Both the accepted mainstream news media and the ordinary man on the street now use the word, "thug", almost exclusively as an epithet to describe an American Negro.

No one dares to publicly breathe the words, "nigger", "Negro", "Negroes", "Negress", "colored folk", "mulatto", "mulatta", "quadroon", or "octoroon", so they have to find an alternate, socially acceptable epithet.

Currently, when Negroes commit violent crimes against Caucasians, any news reports will inevitably describe the perpetrator as a "thug", and will refuse to identify the perpetrator's race in the police description.

An exception to this is "teenager" or "young people", which is another method of safely implying that American Negroes and/or Negresses are involved.

Due to these deceptions, reading our daily news has become an art form, as we try to figure out what might be true by "reading between the lines", comparing what was actually stated with the unspoken implications.

We know that if race is NOT mentioned in a news report or police alert, then we can be reasonably certain the lawbreaker is a Negro.

On the other hand, if a Caucasian commits a crime, there is no hesitation in mentioning that race in physical descriptions.

The word, "thug", actually originated in India, to describe a member of the Thuggee, a universally dreaded cult of violent criminals, and has absolutely no relation to American Negroes.

The word, "Negro" means "black" in the Spanish language, and the word, "nigger", has its origins in the Niger River of Africa, where most of the slaves came from.

When I was young, it was polite to say, "Negro" or "Colored", and insulting to say, "Black".

But, thanks to the influence of Communist infiltrators and agitators, the Negro community began looking for ways they could be offended by the White community.

So, now that we know this, will we see Negroes pretending to be offended whenever the words, "thug" or "teenager" are used?

Will Negroes once again riot and demand the English language be revised AGAIN, just to suit them?

The "politically correct" term of "African-American", when applied exclusively to Negroes, is incorrect, as it based on a false assumption.

The majority of American Negroes were not born in Africa, and therefore, they can't be "African" anything.

Further, many White people were born in Africa and, having fled the bloody persecutions in their homeland, are now good, solid citizens of the United States of America.

In truth, they are "African American".

Thus, we see how our contemporary language has degenerated into outright deceptions, delusions, and distortions.

American Negroes are not the only group to be deliberately misled and misrepresented by anti-American agents.

Folks are now constantly referring to the American Indian as a "Native American", which of course is not only false and a misnomer, but is also intended as an insult towards all other Americans, regardless of racial origin or ethnicity.

Why are homosexuals called, "Gay"?

Until the past couple of decades, that was a harmless and innocuous term used to describe a state of blissful joy, ecstasy, or playful glee.

Now, when you hear someone say, "gay", the meaning is so sinister that children's hymnbooks have had to be edited in order to eliminate the word, "gay" from the songs.

Are we embarrassed to say the word, "sex"?

If not, then why have we replaced the word, "sex", with the word, "gender", even though those two words are NOT synonyms?

I suspect that change came about because of the women's liberation movement a couple of decades ago.

But, that is now passe, as these days, no females are burning their bras, and if they did, the public would just laugh at them.

So, why don't we return to speaking proper English, including using the separate and distinctive male and female terminologies, such as "actor" and "actress", "aviator" and "aviatrix", "tiger" and "tigress", "chairman" and "chairwoman", "murderer" and "murderess", "master" and "mistress" and "madame", "warder" and "matron", et cetera?

I'll bet most kids today probably aren't even taught that our English language has different terms for male and female roles.

Incorrectly referring to our nation as a "democracy" is another example of "political correctness" run amok by publicly recognized contemporary pundits.

According to our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, our nation is a republic, with each of the states guaranteed a "republican form of government", and the word "democracy" is never mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence.

Actually, the United States of America today, and also my chosen faith, The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, are now so different and alienated from the society that I grew up in, that I feel lost, alone, thoroughly disillusioned, and abandoned on a very strange and hostile planet.

Thus, the present circumstances compels the question, who REALLY won the Second World War and/or the Cold War?

After all, our elected and appointed leaders have now adopted and implemented much of the principles of the hateful tyranny of Communism and Naziism right here in the United States of America, ergo, the imposition of the flagrantly unconstitutional "U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act", along with the creation of the anti-American Department of Homeland Security and the outright violently criminal Transportation Security Administration.

Thought control laws against "Hate" crimes and "Hate" speech have been enacted and enforced, in clear violation of our unalienable rights.

Just as the Nazis did, we too, now have laws compelling preferential treatment based on race, and mandating racial quotas.

So, again I ask, who really won that war?

We know the origin of "political correctness" is Communist, that "political correctness" was employed by the Nazis of the Third Reich, and that using "political correctness" results in falsehoods, due to suppression of facts, distortion of truth, and revisionist history.

So, let's stop permitting any "politically correct" language to go unchallenged and unopposed when used in our presence.


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