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Friday, May 20, 2011


Be sure to watch this video in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

Here is a touching news report from Ted McInerney at WIAT-TV Channel 42 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, an affiliate of the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Judy Pugh rushed to her hallway with her three cats when she saw debris spinning in the air on Wednesday 27 April 2011.

As the roof blew away, a wall fell on top of her.

"I tried to get to my hands and knees, but I couldn't.

I heard the young men calling, 'Miss Judy, Miss Judy, are you in there?' "

Judy escaped with black eyes, but says she would have been sucked away by that tornado if weren't for that very wall.

Two of her cats survived, but one hasn't been seen since the storm.

Unbelievably, during our visit on the evening of Wednesday 18 May 2011, Judy's shaggy friend of ten years, came out of nowhere.

"Oh my - - - , come see your mama.

Oh, God love it - - - , Honey.

You must weigh two pounds.

Oh, Honey - - - "


"I have everything I want now.

I have all three cats.

Oh, God love it, where have you been?

Mama's been looking all over for you."

The lost cat, Cadie, made it through the tornado, heat, and the cold without food or water for nearly a month.

Reunited once again, Judy is now ready to move on.

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