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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

I just now got woke up from a sound sleep by a telephone call from an employee at the QUARTERMASTER mail order company, which has me VERY irate!!!

At first, I couldn't understand her, because of her accent.

Eventually, she made me understand it was a store calling me, and in my stuporous confusion, I asked if she was trying to sell me something.

After some difficulty, she finally managed to make me understand that she was inquiring about a recent order I'd placed, so I asked which store it was, since I'd recently ordered a couple of things over the Internet.

So, she told me it was QUARTERMASTER, and then I remembered that I'd placed the order last night for FIRST CHOICE Level II concealed body armor, which was on sale.

She said she needed to verify my police credentials, and then, the fun began!

I asked her where she was located, and she said QUARTERMASTER was in California.

I told her that no proof of police credentials was necessary, because it was not against the law for private citizens to own body armor.

She said it was company policy not to sell body armor to anyone but police officers.

I told her that it was wrong, and that I was a private citizen and an old man who's retired.

I told her this policy violated unalienable rights, and that private citizens are just as entitled to personal protection as police officers are.

She didn't understand what I meant by unalienable rights, nor could she understand why private citizens should be able to own guns and body armor.

I finally pointed out that she was obviously Mexican (I forgot to ask if she was illegal, or part of a local gang), and therefore, she didn't know or understand the history and heritage of the United States of America.

At that point, she hung up on me.

Earlier, I'd placed an order with QUARTERMASTER for a triple extra large khaki 5.11 Taclite Pro Vest, which apparently is out of stock and backordered.

I think that after that order arrives, I'll cease to do anymore business with QUARTERMASTER, or any other store that says private citizens have less rights than police officers, especially in light of all the current murderous violence against law abiding private citizens by abusive anti-American police all across our nation, with the most prominent example being the cold blooded murder of Jose Guerena in Tucson, Arizona.


Thank you.
Offical Bard of Clan Henderson
Gulfport, Mississippi  39507

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions do not represent my Scottish clan."

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Brock Townsend said...

At that point, she hung up on me.

Good one!