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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

Have you ever asked yourself these questions,

"Who am I?"

"Where did I come from?"

"Why am I here?"

"Where am I going?"

How much do you know about the "Mormon" church?

Would you like to know more?

Then, just ask your "Mormon" friend, relative, or neighbor!


In response to a question I just received regarding homosexuality, I'm posting this OFFICIAL pronouncement, which was formally issued by The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "Mormon" church) on Saturday 23 September 1995:


WE, THE FIRST PRESIDENCY and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS — male and female — are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

IN THE PREMORTAL REALM, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God's commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

WE DECLARE the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God's eternal plan.

HUSBAND AND WIFE have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. "Children are an heritage of the Lord" (Psalm 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives — mothers and fathers — will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.


Jesus Christ counsels us to,

In other words, you won't obtain worthwhile blessings of eternal joy unless you make an honest effort to learn for yourself if these things are true or false.

As for myself, I am a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, having joined in Portland, Oregon when I was twenty-one years old.

Thus, based on my own personal experience, I urge everyone to read, study, and compare what is written in the HOLY BIBLE and the BOOK OF MORMON.

Experiment by applying the teachings in your daily life.

Finally, kneel down in prayer and ask God if these things are true.

Our Father in Heaven will answer your prayer.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Offical Bard of Clan Henderson
Gulfport, Mississippi  39507

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions do not represent my Scottish clan."

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