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Tuesday, December 27, 2011



With the newly enacted National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, this is what we, the people, now face.

According to an MIAC Strategic Report, dated Friday 20 February 2009, which was issued by the Missouri Analysis Information Center, local law enforcement agencies are warned that the following may be regarded as "Domestic Terrorists":

Enemies of the State?

• Domestic terrorists support Ron Paul.
Libertarians and Constitutionalists are domestic terrorists.
• Domestic terrorists don’t believe the official explanations for 9/11, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and/or the Oklahoma City bombing.
• Domestic terrorists oppose abortion and support gun rights.
• Domestic terrorists are fearful of big government and espouse support for the Constitution of the United States of America.
• Domestic terrorists collect firearms and survivalist books.
• Domestic terrorists are religious zealots, reading the book of Revelation, and speak of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
• Domestic terrorists grow their own food.
• Domestic terrorists proudly display bumper stickers in support of Constitutional rights.
• Returning military war veterans are domestic terrorists.


Words and Music by:

VERSE # 01:
He will face any dare
Any time, anywhere.
If there's danger,
He don't care,
Ted E. Bair!
He's a vet of Uncle Sam,
Did his tour in Viet Nam.
Now, he's always
Where I am,
Ted E. Bair.

VERSE # 02:
I'm a man who stays alone
And my mind's a combat zone.
But, I'm not left on my own.
Ted E. Bair!
When the night is long and hard,
Ted E. Bair is standing guard.
He's my buddy
And my pard,
Ted E. Bair!

He is always by my side
With both eyes open wide.
He don't grumble, he don't moan.
He just keeps on keeping on.
In any ill or any plight,
Ted E. Bair can make it right!

VERSE # 03:
He is silent when I'm mad
And says nothing when I'm bad.
He's the best friend, I have had,
Ted E. Bair!
When I'm sleeping in my car
Or I'm singing in some bar,
I know he's not going far,
Ted E. Bair!

Ted E. Bair! My teddy bear!
Always there, you teddy bear,
So I know that you care,
My teddy bear,
Oh, Ted E. Bair!
Ted E. Bair!

I was initially alerted to the above information by Brock Townsend at the FREE NORTH CAROLINA web site, who in turn, obtained his information from the BATTLEFIELD USA web site, and Dave Hodges at the NEWS WITH VIEWS web site.