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Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Do you enjoy wrestling with and eventually solving intellectually challenging word puzzles?

Each day, I go to the MERRIAM-WEBSTER web site to play two (02) of their games, the GAME OF THE DAY, and the UNIVERSAL CRYPTOGRAM.

Unfortunately, the UNIVERSAL CRYPTOGRAM is far too easy, but apparently, it's the ONLY cryptogram currently on the Internet.

The best cryptogram I ever saw was in an issue of the AIR FORCE TIMES newspaper, but they don't have any cryptograms on their web site.

My favorite MERRIAM-WEBSTER word game (when they have it) is "DICTIONARY DEVIL", where words and definitions are scrambled.

I used to enjoy solving the DAILY CODEWORD puzzle at the THINKS web site, but alas, that daily feature stopped working a long, long time ago.

On weekends, I like to do the crossword puzzles on the web sites of the CHICAGO SUN TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, and the LOS ANGELES TIMES newspapers.

But, maybe I've done too many of those puzzles, because more and more often, they're no longer intellectually challenging, for I've begun solving many of them too quickly.

The NEW YORK TIMES is famous for their weekend crossword puzzles, but they're no longer free, being available only to paid subscribers.


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