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Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Do you remember the oft quoted lines from the famous hit song, "IMAGINE", composed by John Winston Lennon (1940 - 1980)?

Well, let's do a little imagining, okay?

Imagine there's no taxes on manufacturing, factories, corporations, or privately owned commercial businesses;

That would drop the cost of ALL marketable products, wouldn't it?

Imagine there were no federally mandated Affirmative Action racial or sexual quotas or preferential treatment based on race and/or sex;

That would mean employers were free to hire and promote only the most qualified, which would improve the quality of all products and services.

Imagine if there were no restrictions on firearms, and every citizen were to meet their Christian duty to always be armed everywhere they went;

That would immediately discourage all criminal activity, and it would also greatly lower taxes, since less police and/or prisons would be necessary.

Imagine if every citizen would complete an Emergency Medical Technician training course;

Again, taxes would be less, for fewer hospitals, ambulances, and fire departments would be necessary, because everybody would be more health conscious, more safety conscious, more prepared for disaster, and more concerned about each other's welfare.

Imagine if there were no more requirements for "political correctness";

We would be free to boldly speak the truth regarding racial differences, and children could be taught the correct history of our nation and their ancestral heritage.

No more would we be subjected to inanely misapplied terminology such as, "African American", "Native American", "Gender", "Gay", et cetera.

Speaking of children and teaching,

Imagine if there were no more public school system;

Children would no longer be subjected to indoctrination from federally approved propaganda and/or social conditioning, but they would actually be taught literacy by their parents, and being taught at home, white children would be safe from physical and/or sexual attack by gangs of negro "youths" while at school.

(Oooohhh!!! - - - Nobody's supposed to know about THAT, are they?)

Imagine if we instituted and legalized Code Duello;

Everyone would very quickly become polite, civil, courteous, chivalrous, and HONEST(!!!), for failing to conduct oneself in an honorable manner could cost a man his life, and this would probably also reduce the need for so many lawyers and courts, once again lowering the costs to taxpayers.

Imagine if our nation would return to strict enforcement of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, as originally written and ratified;

The majority of political power and law enforcement would be controlled by the several states and local communities, which in turn would instruct our representatives in the federal government concerning the will of the people.

No longer would we be forced to accept abortion, homosexuality, or even forced racial integration if a local community didn't want it.

Citizens would pay taxes to their communities or states, not to the federal government, which would have to be sustained by the states.

No longer would the President of the United States be permitted to bypass the congressional legislative process by issuing illegal executive orders, nor likewise, would the Supreme Court of the United States, or federal district courts, be allowed to create legislation through their rulings.

There would be no war or military commitments unless the United States Congress formally declared it and financed it.

All of our military forces would immediately be brought home from ALL foreign countries.

Our active duty military forces could (and should) be greatly reduced to only a small professional cadre for maintaining equipment, and/or organizing and training state and local militias, which would then become our nation's primary means of defense, as our nation would eschew interfering in the affairs of other countries.

Imagine if we secured our border with Mexico, and immediately rounded up and deported EVERY illegal alien;

Just think how many job opportunities that would become available for citizens of our own United States of America?

Just think how many closed hospitals could financially afford to once more open their doors to the public?

Just think how much lower the violent crime rate would be?

Just think - - - , no more "Press one for English"!

Imagine if Congress shut down the Federal Reserve System, and returned our national economy to the gold standard;

Our money might actually be worth something!

The economy wouldn't be in imminent danger of total collapse (as is our present situation).

Imagine if there were no prisons;

Property offenders would be bound into servitude to their victims, until their debt was repaid.

Murderers and sex offenders would not be executed by the state, in the middle of the night, hidden from everyone's view, but instead, they would be publicly executed in broad daylight, with the execution carried out by the family of the condemned's victim.

Just as outlined in our Holy Bible, there would be consideration for those who kill or maim by accident, or in self defense, such as cities of refuge, where an offender could plead his case, and if found legitimate, would be protected from family revenge for seven years.

I know one thing;

If we did those things I imagined, we'd ALL eventually be filthy, stinking RICH, just LOADED with spendable cash!!!

Not only that, we'd all be a whole lot safer.

Just think of the world the young'uns would grow up in!

All of the other nations and peoples around the globe would try to follow our example, which would in turn, improve their own lives.

Okay, Folks, for the moment, I think I've about run out of steam.

So, what kind of things can YOU imagine?


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