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Thursday, June 21, 2012



For the best effect, please be sure and watch these ABC News reports, posted on Thursday 21 June 2012, of the Sanford, Florida Police Department interviews of George Michael Zimmerman in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

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For a larger view that's easier to read, please click on this photograph of the official police STATEMENT submitted by George Michael Zimmerman on Sunday 26 February 2012, or go directly to the officially authorized web site of the GEORGE ZIMMERMAN LEGAL CASE.

So, what areYOUR thoughts?

In my personal opinion, there is no criminal case here.

George Michael Zimmerman should NEVER have been arrested, and certainly shouldn't now be sitting illegally incarcerated within a jail cell in fear of being lynched by a blatantly obvious kangaroo court.

This entire case is motivated purely by politically orchestrated mass media endorsement of Negro racism, bestial Negro hatred (towards everyone and everything), and the condoning of feral Negroid ignorance, immorality, filthiness, violent crime, perversion, and deviance as a normal way of life by the overwhelming majority of the contemporary Negro community.

Inevitably, this MUST result in a massive backlash that will boomerang and blow up in the Negroes' faces, due to an outraged population becoming totally fed up with the excesses of continuous Negro predations.

What, ME prejudiced?

You'd better BELIEVE it, Baby!

Bottom line, pure and simple, it's called "SURVIVAL" of my own species.

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