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Thursday, November 08, 2012


I just now saw this illustration posted at the FREE NORTH CAROLINA web site, and it apparently originated at the GREEN MOUNTAINS HOMESTEADING web site.

As I am sixty-six years old, I can remember a United States of America which no longer exists, where communities were cleaner and safer because they were racially segregated, and there was no such thing as "Hate Crime", "Hate Speech", or "Political Correctness".

We were a free and prosperous people, comfortably blissful in our ignorance, and utterly unaware of how blessed we were, and of the imminent threats looming on our horizon.

At the moment, I'm guessing just about everybody is feeling pretty much depressed, as we all are contemplating a rather hopeless situation.

So, what now?

I reckon we'd better repent and get on our knees in humble prayer unto our Almighty God, as we mutually beseech His divine intervention.


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