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Thursday, June 08, 2017



Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

Because of the severe pain from my carpal tunnel syndrome, I'm going to have to quit using the computer, except for the most urgent and important business.

But, before I quit, I must secure my place in history.

Have you ever wanted to create an entirely new word in our English language?

Of course, the words must also have a definition.

This morning, I thought of three (03) new words.

The first of these three (03) words is describing the process of saying the alphabet backwards which is, "Zynjuckba", to be pronounced as, "Zee-Nyuck-Bah".

The act of saying the alphabet backwards would be, "zynjuckbing", dropping the "a" at the end of the word.

The past tense of, "zynjuckba", would be, "zynjuckbad".

A person who says the alphabet backwards would be called a, "zynjuckbator", or a, "zynjuckbatist".

The second newly coined word for our English language is describing the act of counting backwards from ten to zero, which would be,"onfretno", to be pronounced as, "Own-Fret-Noh".

Actually counting backwards from ten to zero would be, "onfretnoing", and the past tense of that word would be, "onfretnoed".

A person who counts backwards from ten to one would be called an, "onfretnour", or an, "onfretnist".

Sometimes, it's necessary to profanely insult someone in mixed company, using an epithet that no one understands (especially the person being insulted, in case he's bigger than you are).

So, you might say to that person, "You're nothing but a low-down, lying, two-faced, thieving, cheating, conniving piece of epithet!"

Since they might take offense at being called an, "epithet", then just call them a "snarfflegagg", pronounced as, "Snarf-Full-Gag".

They might be guilty of, "snarfflegagging", as they may have, "snarfflegagged".

You can safely use that profane epithet in mixed company, as in, "You're nothing but a low-down, lying, two-faced, thieving, cheating, conniving piece of  snarfflegagg!"

Please add these newly coined English words to your own vocabulary, and teach them to other people, so that I can be properly remembered in history books and English grammar texts.

Is there some organization or authority that I should submit these newly coined words to for official recognition, possibly even listing them in the Oxford English Dictionary?

Can I have these newly coined words copyrighted, so that every time someone says one of these newly coined words, I could collect a substantial royalty payment from them?
Thank you.
Ashley Valley Shadows
VernalUtah  84078


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