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Friday, February 02, 2007

Adobe Reader and Windows Vista

Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

As I'd previously reported, Adobe Reader 8 would not open in Windows Vista.

After conferring with Microsoft technicians in Bombay, India, the problem was eventually resolved by removing Adobe Reader 8, and replacing it with Adobe Reader 7.9

However, after I got off the phone, I discovered Adobe Reader 7.9 only opens PDF documents stored in the computer.

When I tried to open PDF documents stored at a web site, the Internet Explorer 7 browser would close, with an error message saying the problem was caused by Adobe Reader.

So, I tried using a different browser, Mozilla Firefox, and it worked.

I prefer using Internet Explorer, because it allows me to hide the toolbar.

Mozilla Firefox will also hide the toolbar, but the navigation window is separate, and remains visible, unless I uncheck it, which I don't like doing.

Also, Mozilla Firefox displays the Favorites menu differently, and not every one of my favorite web sites is included.

So, I'll continue using Internet Explorer 7 to surf the Net, and only use Mozilla Firefox when I have to open a PDF file at a web site.

I've also figured out why I can't always use Bold fonts when composing an e-mail or document.

Normally, I like to use Arial Black fonts, but in Windows Vista, the Bold font option only works with every other font except Arial Black.

When talking with the Microsoft technician in India, I was using my prepaid cell phone, as I don't have a regular land line telephone.

As our lengthy conversation was rapidly depleting the amount of calling units on my cell phone, I requested he call me back on my computer, using my AOL Instant Messenger telephone number.

He did, and it worked perfectly, allowing us to continue the session, during which the technician could observe and control my computer from Bombay, India.

All in all, everything is gradually working out just fine and dandy.

I've posted my experiences in the Forum at the Adobe web site, and I e-mailed the Microsoft technician in India apprising him of what else I had learned since we had ended our phone call, since I feel certain Microsoft will want to know about these things.

YAHOO! Messenger and SKYPE Messenger work normally, with no problems, allowing me to use my web camera, with voice.

I expect that the folks at the University of California at Berkeley will soon create a patch to make their B.O.I.N.C. program more compatible with Windows Vista.

The B.O.I.N.C. program, which I use for running S.E.T.I. at Home, or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, does operate, but not like it should.

It will not load from the Start Menu, but does run from the Task Bar, and each time I reboot, I have to install the program all over again.

AOL Instant Messenger does load on start up, but it will not connect.

The only way to get AOL Instant Messenger to connect is to reinstall the program, which does connect it.

AOL Instant Messenger is important to me because it gives me a telephone number and allows folks to call me.

Windows Live Messenger also loads on start up, but will not connect, or even recognize my user name and password.

Since it's a Microsoft product, I find it ironic that it won't work in Windows Vista.

Shucks, I just now read on the Internet that Microsoft MIGHT be devoping even newer operating platforms, FIJI and VIENNA, to replace Windows Vista.

Right now, it appears to be largely speculative among computer reviewers, although the writers seem to possess a surprising amount of detailed information on the proposed systems.

Thank you.

John Robert "SAIGON" Mallernee, KB3KWS
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan."

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