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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Comrades In Arms:

Well, it looks like the administrative staff here at the Ol' Soldiers' Home has taken away yet another of our benefits.

I just looked at the menu for the month of May.

Guess what?

We ain't going to get no grilled steak!

Up until now, my understanding was, we get served one grilled steak dinner each month, whether or not the steak is any good or properly cooked.

Until a few months ago, it was always a rib eye steak.

But, then they switched to serving T-bone steak.

I don't know the difference, and I don't really care, because to me, beef is beef, regardless.

What's happening to the American economy, with the sudden increase in fuel and food prices, and the plunging value of the dollar on the World market?

Is that why we're not going to get our steak dinner in May?

Or is it the mad cow disease?

I can understand why a cow would be unhappy going into a slaughter house, and in fact, that cow might even be angry.

If that cow also caught a common cold while standing out in the rain, well, then you combine "Borden's mascot" with "emotionally upset" and "twenty-four hour virus", and what do you have?

Why, you have a mad cow disease, so I reckon we're all doomed, huh?

But, I was looking forward to inviting guests to enjoy our mess hall's monthly grilled steak dinner.

Mox nix.

I've already invited my guests to share the Mexican dinner scheduled for Cinco De Mayo.

Boy, oh boy, do I ever love Mexican food!

I wonder what our mess hall plans to serve on the two hundred and thirty-third birthday of our United States Army?

It won't matter to me, because I'm planning on attending the Potomac Celtic Festival in Leesburg, Virginia on the Army's birthday.

But, most of these other guys are not as well off as I am, and they're stuck here.

I wonder if the folks who run our mess hall even KNOW when the Army's birthday is?

It gets pretty darned depressing, doesn't it?

Thank you.

John Robert "SAIGON" Mallernee, KB3KWS
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan."


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