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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Words and Music by:
Monday 29 September 1997
Saint Anthony, Idaho

VERSE # 1:
From Heaven above,
We come to this life.
Of royal descent,
We're babes in the wood.
We're taught and we're tried
By rigors and strife,
And if the chance comes,
We do the World good.
My heart is breaking.
I know I will cry.
My friend is leaving.
I must say goodbye.
Our father has called him
And he can not stay.
But, I will remember
Each time that I pray.

VERSE # 2:
For just a brief while,
We will live on this soil
Earning our bread
With a dirt calloused hand.
The struggles of life
Are a mountain of toil.
Though weakened by flesh,
We still heed God's command.
From the moment we're born
And we draw our first breath,
It's a part of our fate
That we wrestle with death.
It's an essential part
Of the eternal plan.
It's part of the covenant
With God and all man.

VERSE # 3:
The Lord that we serve
Once walked upon this sod.
Tormented and tempted,
He showed us the way.
He overcomes death
And He brings us to God,
Where we will rejoice
As a family someday.
Though my friend is leaving,
I smile through my tears.
We're destined to meet
In the oncoming years.
What joy there will be
In that Heavenly place
When two long lost friends
Greet in happy embrace!

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