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Monday, May 13, 2013


For the best effect, please be sure and enjoy watching my homemade amateur video recording of my original composition in "FULL SCREEN" mode.


Words and Music by:
Monday 27 June 1988
Salt Lake City, Utah 

VERSE # 1:
When we married, I thought
We would never part.
Then you left, and gave me
A broken heart.
There are trials I go through
And my troubles aren't few.
It's so hard to go on
Without you. 

VERSE # 2:
Without you, life can never
Mean anything.
Once we loved and you wore
My wedding ring.
Though my journey is long
And I sometimes go wrong,
Still your memory lives
In my song. 

Without your sweet caress,
There can't be happiness.
Do you miss me the way
I miss you?
My Darling, I implore
That you love me once more.
You turn my stormy skies
Sunny blue. 

VERSE # 3:
So, I wander and try
To erase the pain.
The wild wind calls me on
Through freezing rain.
Vagabond, I must be.
Love and home aren't for me.
Lonely teardrops can fill
A raging sea.


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