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Friday, January 25, 2013

911 CALL


This item was originally posted at the "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE" web site on Wednesday 09 December 2009.

The 911 call: 


A woman with a shotgun was on the phone to a 911 dispatcher this morning in Lincoln County when she shot and killed an intruder who crashed through her back patio door.

Donna Jackson, 56, told the dispatcher a man she didn't know was at her sliding glass door to her back patio about 12:40 a.m. at 352112 E 800 Road south of the Cushing city limits, said Lincoln County Sheriff Chuck Mangion.

She was armed with a 16-gauge shotgun when the dispatcher heard the glass door smash and the shotgun blast, Mangion said.

A man identified as Billy Dean Riley, 53, was struck once in the chest and pronounced dead when emergency medical workers arrived, Mangion said.

Jackson was not harmed.

Jackson was home alone when her dog woke her up, Mangion said.

She turned all the lights in the house on and then armed herself with the shotgun.

Her husband was not home, Mangion said.

She went into her kitchen and saw a man trying to break in.

The man saw her and screamed threats at her, Mangion said.

She told him she was armed and on the phone with police, he said.

The man picked up a patio table and threw it through the patio door, Mangion said.

He stepped into the kitchen and that is when she fired the fatal blast, striking him in the center of the chest, he said.

Deputies arrived and found the man lying on the back porch.

Jackson did not know the man, Mangion said.



Anonymous said...

one wonders where this woman lived that it took better than 25 minutes for someone to get there...

Anonymous said...

This is why we have guns in our homes. If you take away guns from the everyday citizen, you are accomplishing nothing for the bad guys will always find a way to obtain a weapon.