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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Words and Music by:
John Robert Mallernee,
Bard of Clan Henderson
Saturday 24 December 2005
Washington, D.C.

VERSE # 1:
The Scottish and the Irish,
Welshmen and the Manx
Rejoice with Gaelic voices
Giving God our thanks.
We are Celtic people,
Though scattered far and wide,
Everywhere we prospered,
Our talents were applied.

Hear the wee ones laughter
As the children play,
Romping merrily
All through the grassy way.
Moms and Dads are mirthful,
Gathering today,
As our Celtic festival
Is getting underway.

VERSE # 2:
To Canada, America,
And Australasia too,
Scottish and the Irish
Crossed the oceans blue.
We kept our Celtic culture
Across the many miles,
And now our Celtic music
Evokes our neighbor's smiles.

VERSE # 3:
Harps, bodhrans, bagpipes,
And fiddles on the Green,
Lads and lassies dancing
With boyos and colleens.
The tossing of the caber
And wearing tartan kilt,
A border collie's herding
Amid a Gaelic lilt.

VERSE # 4:
Celtic people dress up,
Marching orderly.
Our forebears were warriors,
That's why our spirit's free.
Claymores and shillelaghs
And banners flying high
Tell the world we Celtic
Warriors do or die.

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