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Monday, December 21, 2009


********* WARNING ! ! ! *********

This dangerously illegal and immoral subversive underground resistance message is being surreptitiously monitored by the Beaming Internet Government Broadband Radio Oscillation Telecommunications Hearing Electronic Reconnaissance (i.e., B.I.G. B.R.O.T.H.E.R.) as part of a coordinated official clandestine domestic surveillance investigation, in cooperation with the National Administration of Zealous Interrogation (i.e., N.A.Z.I.) and the Commission On Message Monitoring Investigative Electronics (i.e., C.O.M.M.I.E.).

Serious felony criminal charges are pending, with extreme penalties yet to be determined!


Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

Well, gosh, gee whillikers, it's almost Christmas, and so far, I've only received six hundred forty-one thousand and two hundred and ninety-three presents.

Is this ALL there is?

So, where's the rest of it?

"I'm gettin' nothin' for Christmas.
Mommy and Daddy are mad.
I'm gettin' nothin' for Christmas,
'Cause I ain't been nothin' but bad!"

Heh! Heh! Heh!

Yuk! Yuk!

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Washington, D.C.  20011-8400

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