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Sunday, January 17, 2010



Words and Music by:

VERSE # 1:
There was a time I had the chance
To know true love and taste romance.
But, now my love's forever gone.
I guess that I'll remain alone. 

VERSE # 2:
I am forever on the roam.
The wild wind calls and I've no home,
And now I know that I've done wrong.
I play my tune and sing my song. 

VERSE # 3:
If love should call, don't be like me
And wander on so foolishly.
Just take that girl into your arms.
Don't run away and leave her charms. 

VERSE # 4:
To leave true love is such a sin.
A man who does will never win.
His only way is death and Hell.
A roving man's a ne'er-do-well.


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