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Sunday, January 03, 2010



VERSE # 1:
Every night, I hope and pray
A dream lover will come my way;
A girl to hold in my arms
And know the magic of her charms

Because I want a girl
To call my own.
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone.

VERSE # 2:
Dream lover, where are you
With a love, oh so true
And a hand that I can hold
To feel you near when I grow old?

Some day, I don't know how,
I hope you'll hear my plea.
Some way, I don't know how,
She'll bring her love to me.

VERSE # 3:
Dream lover, until then,
I'll go to sleep and dream again.
That's the only thing to do
Until my lover's dreams come true.

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