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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Comrades in Arms:

Look at the date on your calendar for this coming Monday, and you'll see your standing order for the day.

This order applies to all soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, military veterans, R.O.T.C. cadets, boy scouts, and cub scouts.

Therefore, on Monday, you must carry out that order before you can eat breakfast, check your e-mail, or commute to your office.

That standing military order, in case you haven't yet figured this out, is "MARCH FIRST"!

Cadence is optional, but recommended.

All day long this coming Monday, according to the calendar, you must March First.

Afterwards, you can do something else, but according to the calendar, you must March First.

With Tongue In Cheek,
Washington, D.C.  20011-8400

POST SCRIPT: Do you have any IDEA how much mental strain it took for me to think up this joke?

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