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Sunday, March 28, 2010


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This high definition video was posted on the YOU TUBE web site on Sunday 28 March 2010 by "FASTRAINS 56", who recorded it earlier that same day at a crossing in Davenport, Iowa, as the unique military freight train was headed towards the North.

Does the unidentified equipment belong to the United States Army or to the Canadian National Defense Department?

Is an American military unit enroute to Canada to participate in a joint military field training exercise, or was a Canadian military unit deployed here in the United States of America for a similar joint military field operation?

The number and variety of vehicles and equipment would indicate a regimental or brigade combat team, with the personnel, unit standards, munitions, and ordnance being transported separately using more secure military cargo aircraft.

Notice that all vehicles were loaded facing towards the rear of the train, possibly to protect windshields and headlights from the impact of any flying debris as the train rumbles at high speed along the rails.

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