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Monday, March 01, 2010


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This 1917 United States Army recruiting poster created by artist, H. Devitt Welsh, encouraged young men to enlist by illustrating the great Army tradition of the horse soldier.

It also used the inspirational line "Pro Patria", borrowed from the Roman lyrical poet Horace, the phrase meaning "for your country".

One of the most dramatic and powerful images of World War I, this poster was created by artist, J. Scott Williams, in 1918.

Asked about the creative process for this poster, the artist explained, "I wish to visualize, if possible, in a poster expression, the dynamic energy of the American people and to help a bit to communicate to every American the idea of victory".

In 1919, when World War l had been over for more than five months, the United States Army was still in Germany and France, and our troops required support until they could be brought back home.

The "Victory Loan" provided that support, raising $5,249,903,300.

The "Christy Girl" recognizing the diversity of the "Doughboys", holds the laurel wreath of victory to welcome all servicemen home.


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