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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Bard of Clan Henderson

There's a man I never met
Who was born in Scotland yet.
In Glasgow, he was born,
Where Henderson kilt was worn.
A sergeant, he would be,
In the Queen's Royal Army.
A Scottish warrior poet,
This man I never met.
I don't know a lot,
But, I've heard he was a Scot.
That's enough for me,
With his Henderson history.
An American, he became,
And Chicago knew his name.

He was my cousin's friend.
But, now he's met his end.
He was our great clan's bard,
And to follow him, is hard.
So I'll try the best I can
To honor that great man,
A Gaelic warrior poet,
This man I never met.
To a lone bagpiper's skirl,
A Hielander leaves this world.
Just as we live, we die,
And through the Heavens fly,
Where Hendersons await
To meet us at the gate,
And hail our warrior poet,
This bard I never met.
Hendersons to God appeal,
"Welcome home our clansman, Neil!"

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