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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm grateful to DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL for referring me to this story.

When I watch this, I'm impressed by the difference between the folks who live in urban Detroit, Michigan and the folks who reside in isolated rural communities in the Great American West.

In fact, doesn't this recall images of the very same problems that emerged in New Orleans, Louisiana from Hurricane Katrina?

Is it purely a racial difference between Black people and White people?

Or, is there something more to this difference between these demographic groups?

The folks I know who live out West learn to fend for themselves, and are equipped to do so.

I ain't the smartest guy around, but if I can pass an Emergency Medical Technician course (which I have in Utah and Idaho), then almost anybody else can.

Everyone has an inalienable right to be armed, and our government is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States of America from interfering with that inalienable right.

Anybody who wants to can carry rescue equipment and tools in their personal vehicle.

I've also lived in small rural communities where I had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer firefighter and a reserve police officer.

So, no, folks do NOT have to rely on ONLY paid, full time, professional emergency response personnel.

Citizens can learn to take care of themselves and to follow the scriptural admonition to become our brother's keeper.

In fact, consider how much fewer taxes would be required if folks would start looking out for themselves and each other?

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