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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Words and Music by:

VERSE # 01:
When I was a younger lad,
I had some roving ways.
There were lots of girls around,
And those were loving days.
But, those days have passed me now,
And listen to me sing
Of misery and loneliness
And Portland in the Spring.

Portland's filled with sunshine.
There's roses in those parts.
Young girls are all out in force
To break the young men's hearts.
Portland is a pretty town
Where two rivers meet.
The mountains and the music
Make the living sweet.

VERSE # 02:
I once had a taste of love
And some girl once was mine.
But, my roving style has cost
My share of Springtime wine.
Now, I'm in the sunny South
So very far away.
I wish that I'd been smarter
In my younger day.

VERSE # 03:
Well, my time must soon be up
Or else, I'll break out free.
Portland has the good life
And I want some for me.
So, ladies, dry your teary eyes.
Now, don't you weep and wail.
I'm headed for your open arms
Up the Oregon Trail.

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