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Monday, January 31, 2011


This SLIDE SHOW was posted at the FEDERALE web site, and watching it made me stop and think.

(You'll have to click on that LINK, because I wasn't able to obtain the embedding code.)

Many of us patriotic rebels who have been preparing for the impending and obviously inevitable armed revolt against our contemporary unconstitutional federal government have openly pledged that "there will not be another Waco or Ruby Ridge", no more compromises, and no more backing down.

From now on, when the forces of the United States government attacks its own citizens, we will use our guns and fight back, rising up nationwide in open armed insurrection to violently restore our lost republic, our divinely inspired Constitution, and our unalienable rights as individual citizens.

However, as you can see from that SLIDE SHOW, a question arises (in my own mind).

Sure, we'll gladly rally to fight if a local patriotic militia espousing traditional Christian family values is attacked.

But, will we also respond if police attack a group we ardently disagree with, such as CODE PINK, or other Marxist organizations?

Should an attack by government forces on one group, however odious or unpopular, be regarded as an attack on all American protest organizations, including the modern day patriotic rebels?

Under what circumstances do we continue to passively acquiesce when government forces kill or imprison fellow American citizens without incurring any consequences?

It was the lack of criminal prosecution of the complicit government agents (including Janet Reno and Elizabeth Dole) following the Waco Massacre that led to the bombing in Oklahoma City, and the wicked administrators of that federal office building STILL haven't been held responsible for the unnecessary deaths of those children in that day care center.

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