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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Utterly unbelievable!!!

Be sure and watch this video in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

I saw this news video from KGW-TV Channel 8 in Portland, Oregon posted at the DRUDGE REPORT web site.

How does anyone SHOPLIFT five million dollars worth of merchandise from a grocery supermarket?

Many, many long years ago, way back when I used to live in Portland, Oregon, I regularly shopped at two of those SAFEWAY grocery stores.

Back then, the SAFEWAY and ALBERTSONS grocery stores sold stuff that I can't find in stores anymore, such as comb honey (eating the honeycomb is like chewing candy!) and whole bologna sausages that you sliced yourself, just as thick as you wanted to (and I like my bologna sandwiches THICK!!!).

Well, folks, as long as we're on the subject of Portland, Oregon, here's a couple of my videos on the YOU TUBE web site of songs I composed about Portland, Oregon, along with the lyrics (so you can sing it, too!).


Words and Music by:

VERSE # 01:
When I was a younger lad,
I had some roving ways.
There were lots of girls around,
And those were loving days.
But, those days have passed me now,
And listen to me sing
Of misery and loneliness
And Portland in the Spring.

Portland's filled with sunshine.
There's roses in those parts.
Young girls are all out in force
To break the young men's hearts.
Portland is a pretty town
Where two rivers meet.
The mountains and the music
Make the living sweet.

VERSE # 02:
I once had a taste of love
And some girl once was mine.
But, my roving style has cost
My share of Springtime wine.
Now, I'm in the sunny South
So very far away.
I wish that I'd been smarter
In my younger day.

VERSE # 03:
Well, my time must soon be up
Or else, I'll break out free.
Portland has the good life
And I want some for me.
So, ladies, dry your teary eyes.
Now, don't you weep and wail.
I'm headed for your open arms
Up the Oregon Trail.


Words and Music by:

Portland, Oregon
Is my kind of town.
I'm a man who knows.
I guess I've been around.

VERSE # 1:
In 'Sixty-Seven,
I was drafted to war.
We didn't even know
What we were fighting for.
After I traveled
Far over the sea,
My own true love
Wrote "Dear John" to me.

VERSE # 2:
Since that time,
I haven't been back home.
I stayed in the Army
And continued to roam.
But, time heals heartaches,
And now mine's gone.
I'm heading back
To Portland, Oregon.

VERSE # 3:
There's more pretty fish
Than just one in the sea.
There's got to be a girl
Who's meant for me.
In the Northwestern country
Where I belong,
I'll play my guitar
And sing this song.

VERSE # 4:
In Willamette Valley,
There's a happy sound.
The music of the people's
Calling me to town.
In the misty distance,
You can see Mount Hood.
There's something about it
Makes me feel so good.

VERSE # 5:
The kids in the streets
And the old folks, too
Make me think
That my wandering's through.
There's life in this city
And love's all around.
The "City of Roses"
Is my hometown.

1 comment:

Brock Townsend said...

How does anyone SHOPLIFT five million dollars worth of merchandise from a grocery supermarket?

Damn good question since it would work out to about $50K per occurrence. (103 times) Evidently the reporter must have gone to publix skool........