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Monday, February 21, 2011


Be sure to watch this security camera video in "FULL SCREEN" mode of an armed robbery at the Shell gas station at White Center in Seattle, Washington.

It was originally aired by KIRO-TV Channel 8 on Monday 07 February 2011.

The man was later arrested, but the news reports don't identify him, except to indicate he is sixty-five years old and a convicted felon with a record of forgery and armed robbery.

At this web link, you can click on an Internet link to a radio interview (located about halfway down the page) of the victim, John Henry, by host, Dori Monson on 97.3 KIRO FM radio.

I'm grateful to Brock Townsend at the FREE NORTH CAROLINA web site for referring me to this report.

While there has been speculation that this particular incident may be a portent of our future, due to the pending total collapse of our national economy, some of the details in this article raise questions in my mind.

As radio host, Dori Monson, points out on his program, the robber appeared unusually old to be having children at home, although maybe they were grandchildren or adopted street urchins.

Why wouldn't the police identify the robber?

The robber IS a convicted felon, and according to his police record, he's done this before.

Though the armed robber appeared unusually courteous, the fact remains that in the state of Washington, it is legal for private citizens to be armed, and this guy could have been killed, or been forced to commit murder, by the store clerk or another shopper.

Then, what would have become of his "starving children" and family obligations?

What of his obligations to God and his fellow man?

Still, the question remains, that as contemporary national events progress, will we be seeing a lot more desperate criminal acts carried out by ordinarily God fearing, elderly, respectable citizens motivated by the madness of hearing their children's piteous continual wailing for nonexistent nourishment?

What are your thoughts regarding this?

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