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Monday, November 24, 2014


Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

First off, no, I ain't no highfalutin professor with a whole bunch of impressive degrees and a stack of books that I am the author of.

You haven't seen me on any television shows, nor do I host any radio broadcasts.

In fact, I have very little formal education, being mostly self taught, and what I write is from personal experience and observation.

I'm just an old White man who grew up in the racially segregated (and therefore, SAFER, by far) Deep South during the so-called "Civil Rights Movement", and these are just my personal opinions.

So, let's get started - - - ,

The contemporary American Negro continues to be a slave.

What else would you call it?

They are unable to shake off their self-imposed shackles of eternal victimization, and continue to offend everyone else by constantly whining and demanding preferential treatment.

If a White man gets angry and yells "Nigger!" at an American Negro, then a minor argument rapidly expands into a major racial incident, after which the White man is sent to prison, despite the fact that any and all "Hate Speech" and/or "Hate Crime" legislation is in clear violation of our unalienable rights and of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, those unconstitutional laws DO get enforced, for I remember an incident many years ago in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where a Negro baseball player physically attacked a White man's wife, and the White man was sent to prison for one year just because he yelled, "Nigger!", in a moment of understandably righteous anger.

By the way, the word, "nigger", originated from the Niger River in Africa, which is the area where most of the African Negroes were kidnapped and sold into slavery by neighboring tribes.

Did you know it was the Negroes who began slavery in America?

In 1619, a Dutch ship, WHITE LION, arrived in Jamestown, Virginia with twenty (20) African Negroes who had been taken from a Spanish ship which was transporting them to Mexico, where they would be slaves.

However, in Virginia, they were not slaves, but merely indentured servants, just as many White men were, able to work off their debt and obtain their freedom.

One of the African Negroes, Anthony Johnson, became a wealthy planter, and petitioned the court in Northampton County to allow him to keep his indentured Negro servant, John Casor, for life.

Thus began slavery in America, with a Negro slaveowner and a Negro slave.

Indeed, many, MANY slaveowners in America were Negro, especially in South Carolina, which had more Negro slaveowners than any other state.

On the other hand, many, MANY of the Negroes in America were never enslaved, for example the Free People of Color in Louisiana.

The word, "Negro", is the Spanish word for "Black".

When I was a boy growing up, it was considered polite to use the terms, "Negro", "Negress", "Negroes", "Colored", or "Colored People", and being called, "Black", was considered insulting.

It is incorrect to call an American Negro an "African American", because most contemporary American Negroes were not born in Africa, have never even been to Africa, and have no desire to ever go there.

On the other hand, there are numerous White refugees who were born and raised in Africa, who were then driven out by violent Negro persecution, and now quietly reside as legal citizens in the United States of America.

They are truly, "African American".

American Negroes continue to blame all of their troubles on everybody except themselves.

For centuries, White people have tried in every possible way, expending untold resources, and even frequently forfeiting their own lives in their selfless noble efforts to help the Negro, both in Africa and in America.

But, in Africa today, the Negroes continue to indulge in slavery and cannibalism, and in America, the Negroes continue to unintelligibly slur their speech, publicly flaunt socially unacceptable behavior, and to fill our ever increasing prison population.

Using threats of violence and perversions of law, they force themselves onto and into White institutions, businesses, organizations, and establishments.


Aren't all races the same?

Aren't all men equal?

No, the color of someone's skin is merely an outer indicator of the potential conduct and character which lies within.

White men such as myself are not prejudiced against Negroes because of the color of their skin.

That is silly.

Folks are prejudiced against Negroes because of how they act, and the things they do.

If White people acted that way, no one would want them around, either.

Do you know why God put the mark on Cain and his descendents?

Our Holy Bible tells us that the "curse" was for Cain's PROTECTION, for Cain feared that other people would kill him.

It's my personal speculation that descendents of Cain are supposed to be kept separate from everyone else, possibly because their unacceptable conduct will enrage righteous people and, with good reason, generally provoke them to retaliate with genocide.

When I was a boy, I remember the so-called "Civil Rights Movement", which resulted in so much hatred and violence.

Being a typical rebellious teenager, full of romantic idealism, my impression was that this was a wonderful development, for aren't all races the same, and aren't all men supposed to be brothers?

But, alas, after all these years have passed, I see that we made a terrible mistake.

In our noble effort to correct a perceived injustice, we implemented a far greater wrong, the destruction of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, along with independent sovereignty of the several states, and abrogation of the unalienable rights of individual citizens.

Forced racial integration was intended to raise the standard of living for American Negroes, so that they would be just as well off as White Americans.

Instead, it had the opposite effect.

In order to accommodate the American Negro, in EVERY institution and organization, the standards of intelligence, literacy, morality, conduct, deportment, civility, courtesy, and personal appearance had to be drastically LOWERED.

For some reason (conspiracy theories?), Hollywood, the mass media, and public educational institutions became involved, diligently promoting all sorts of creative government approved propaganda making Negro behavior something desirable for Whites to emulate.

Miscegenation, which was regarded as deviant and against the law, is now considered laudably normal behavior.

A former Oakland, California police officer told me that, all too often, when responding to the homes of Negro families, he'd find incest was regularly engaged in and considered normal behavior.

Someone once remarked on his observing the unusual prevalence of grotesque physical features in Negroes.

Some anthropology experts might opine that those grotesquely appearing physical attributes are evidence that mankind evolved from the ape.

However, a highly educated old friend of mine theorizes that the true situation indicates exactly the opposite direction.

Because of a lengthy history entailing many generations of continuously repeated wickedness, perversion, and deviant behavior, it's quite possible that some races of men are actually devolving from human into ape, or some similar phenomena.

In retrospect, I suspect there may have been a very valid reason why our ancestors imposed racial segregation and "Jim Crow" laws.

Do you suppose the initial organization of the Ku Klux Klan may have something to do with a desire for SURVIVAL?

After all these generations of having our own government use its own guns to force the rest of us to comply with racial integration, racial quotas, and preferential treatment based on race (as was done in the Third Reich?), we now have White children acting just like the Negroes.

Why was it wrong for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich to practice racial discrimination, but it's okay for our own United States of America to use its guns to force acceptance of racial preferences on us?

When racial integration was forced on our society at the point of a bayonet, that merely opened the door to increasingly worse situations, with the advent of the drug culture, militant feminism, societal emasculation, and legalized homosexuality.

How do we turn this around?

How do we stuff the genie back into the bottle?

In my opinion, individual Negroes can improve themselves, and, with the ongoing passage of years, Whites can gradually grow to eventually accept, and possibly even like Negroes, but this has to happen naturally, not by being forced together by government bayonets, or concealing and excusing rampant Negro criminal violence, subliteracy, and amoral behavior.

For the best effect, please be sure to enjoy watching, in "FULL SCREEN" mode, my homemade amateur video recording of ME (!), performing my original composition, "BALLAD OF A WHITE MAN", as I accompany myself by strumming simple chords on my Yamaha G-130A classical guitar.

I composed this song in 1992 when I was living in Washington, D.C. at the Ol' Soldiers' Home.

Today, more than a decade has passed, while overt anti-White racial hostility, long officially promoted by our own government's policies, is even worse than it was back then, as all across our own beloved United States of America, feral negro savages are violently attacking and/or murdering White folks, carefully documented reports of which, continue to be deliberately suppressed and/or distorted by government agencies and/or the majority of news media.

Words and Music by:
Wednesday 22 January 1992 

VERSE # 01:
America's a melting pot
Of Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow.
But, there's no room
For White folks anymore.
America was built upon
Christian moral values.
But, America's not like
It was before.
Today, the White apologists
Are selling out each other,
Saying that our heritage
Doesn't mean a thing.
Christian moral values
Are fading from the picture.
That's why I wrote
The ballad that I sing.

VERSE # 2:
With Hollywood and bayonets,
Our government enforces
Miscegenation as a normal thing.
A White man daring to protest
Is beat by other White men,
Not allowed to even earn
His own living.
If Black and White are equal,
And all races are the same,
Then why the Negro terror
In this land?
Why is there such filthiness,
Ignorance, and murder
In every place you see
The Negroes' hand?

VERSE # 3:
Along with White apologists
Are the misguided Christians
Perverting the religion
That they preach.
Homosexuals legal,
Accepted in the schools,
Permitted to molest
The boys they reach.
This song's a written secret,
Unsafe to sing out loud.
But, it doesn't matter anyhow.
It's time for revolution,
For vigilante justice.
Load up your guns
And be a White man now!

This song's a written secret,
Unsafe to sing out loud.
But, it doesn't matter anyhow.
It's time for revolution,
For vigilante justice.
Load up your guns
And be a White man now!


Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee 
1800 Beach Drive, Unit 311 


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