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Friday, March 11, 2011



Be sure to watch this video in "FULL SCREEN" mode, which was posted on the YOU TUBE web site on Monday 17 December 2007 by Larry Sandlin.

GOGI GRANT is one of my favorite singers, and "SUDDENLY, THERE'S A VALLEY" is my favorite song recorded by her, which became a hit in 1955.

In fact, this is a song I think I want to try and learn.

It evokes pleasant memories of my years residing in, and roaming about, the "HIGH LONESOME" mountain wilderness of Idaho and Utah.

Maybe, sometime in the future, there'll be a recording of ME(!) prominently posted on my own personal channel at the YOU TUBE web site (and on THIS web site, naturally), strumming my guitar and singing this song.


Composed By:

When you've climbed
The highest mountain,
When a cloud
Holds the sunshine in,
Suddenly, there's a valley
Where the earth
Knows peace with man.

When a storm
Hides the distant rainbow
And you think
You can't find a friend,
Suddenly, there's a valley
Where friendships
Never end.

Touched only
By the seasons,
Swept clean
By the waving grain,
Surveyed by
A happy bluebird,
And kissed
By the falling rain.

When you think
There's no bright tomorrow,
And you feel
You can't try again,
Suddenly, there's a valley
Where hope
And love begin.


Here's a video of me singing Gogi Grant's most famous hit, "THE WAYWARD WIND":


And here is a video of me performing my own original composition of:


Words and Music by:

Tuesday 20 January 1998
Saint Anthony, Idaho

VERSE # 1:
Up into the high
Lonesome country
Of the great
American West;
That's where
This city cowboy
Can set his
Mind at rest.
Down here
In civilization,
Everything I do
Is wrong.
My heart is
Always broken.
Can't you hear it
In my song?
Alone and lost
In these mountains,
I will sing
With the wind.
I can be happy.
I can have freedom
And live again.
Of these mountains
Soothes my pain
For a while.
I am one with
God and nature,
And we smile!

VERSE # 2:
Up into the high
Lonesome country
Tumbleweeds roll,
The wind is
Always moving,
As it whispers
To your soul:
"Cowboy, keep on riding
Across this sacred land.
Legends live forever
You can understand!"
Ride to
The high lonesome.
You will find
You have a friend.
There is music
All around you
On the wind.
From the dust of
By-gone ages,
Ancient voices cry aloud,
"Cowboy, ride
The high and lonesome,
And be proud!"

VERSE # 03:
Up into the high
Lonesome country,
Where still,
The outlaws roam;
Drums of
Ancient warriors
Pound from
Their tribal home.
This land is
Just as savage
As it was
So long ago.
In this high
Lonesome country,
There's still
Some buffalo.
Like the ones who
Went before you,
Go and seek
You must break free
And find yourself
Some happiness.
The high lonesome
In the modern
Wild West
Where the music
Of these mountains
Is still the best!

JOHN ROBERT "SAIGON" MALLERNEE, performing many years ago at a gathering of the COWBOY POETS OF IDAHO at the ROXY Theatre in Saint Anthony, Idaho

(Hmmm - - - just what year WAS this, anyway?)


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