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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tuesday 19 April 2011 will be the two hundred and thirty-sixth anniversary of the "shot heard 'round the world", which began the American Revolutionary War for Independence (in which my own ancestors fought).

That's less than a month from now.

How shall we properly observe that day?

Surely, it should be a day of joyful celebration, collective gratitude, patriotic ritual, and religious services.

We should have barbecues, picnics, parades, fireworks, marching bands, firearms marksmanship competition, dances, plays, and movies.

My favorite patriotic movies that are especially appropriate for Patriots' Day are "APRIL MORNING", "JOHNNY TREMAIN", "1776", "THE PATRIOT", and "JOHN ADAMS".

In response to the contemporary oppression from the despotic tyranny being evinced by our present federal administration, Patriots' Day will be an appropriate time for initiating our popular armed rebellion by launching solitary, uncoordinated "lone wolf" attacks on vulnerable, isolated government facilities or government employees throughout the country.

The current tyrants who now rule in Washington, D.C. fear "lone wolf" attacks more than any other tactic, for they have no defense against an individual operative who has not communicated his intentions, and who does not belong to or participate in any organizations which might be the subject of intense surveillance.

Federal agencies which exist and operate in violation of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, and which consistently ignore the unalienable rights of the individual citizen, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, should become primary targets for patriotic rebels, as those two agencies presently pose the greatest imminent threat to freedom of movement and freedom of expression by the average American citizen.

The most effective way to psychologically impact these particular agencies is to attack an individual agent or employee when they are off duty and alone.

The ideal tactic will be to fire one shot from a concealed position, using a scoped .22 calibre bolt action rifle or scoped .22 calibre bolt action target pistol, aimed at the eyeball, and then leave the area by casually blending into the environment or crowd.

If enough of these nationwide "lone wolf" attacks are implemented, government operations can be neutralized to the extent that more formally organized resistance movements can begin recruiting and operating, especially now that the national economy is so close to total collapse.

Under these combined circumstances, it is entirely possible that control of the government can be gradually seized through force of arms, and hopefully, our lost republic and its Constitution of the United States of America can eventually be restored.

"Git 'er done, Johnny Reb!"

May God bless these United States of America.



As in earlier postings, I urge you to remember the tragic lessons of the Alfred P. Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

First of all, that event never would have happened if our government had obeyed its own laws and prosecuted the perpetrators of the Waco Massacre.

Secondly, under our own recognized rules of warfare currently implemented by our own government in foreign lands, federal facilities ARE regarded as legitimate military targets, and therefore, no child care facility should be on the premises.

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