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Wednesday, April 13, 2011



One hour,
And I'll be meeting you.
I know you're gonna
Make me blue.
My heart is aching
Through and through.
'Cause I know very well.
I can tell.
I can tell
This will be
My last date with you.

Just never thought
That this would end.
I know I'll never
Love again.
You'll ask me
To be just a friend.
It's as plain as can be.
I can see.
I can see
This will be
My last date with you.

I know we had a quarrel.
But all sweethearts do.
I bought a ring
To pledge to you
That I will always love you
And be true.

I know you've met
Someone that's new.
You'll say that
You and I are through.
My hopes and dreams
Cannot come true,
And when you say goodbye,
I know
I will cry,
'Cause I'll know
It's my last date with you.

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